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Acazia Lashes

Express Cream Remover

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Safe Removal - remove eyelash extensions easily without damaging the natural lashes.
Advanced Formula - Our specific cream formula has a clay-like consistency to stay on the lashes and not seep into the eye.
Precise & Efficient Very effective in spot removing eyelashes or in removing all the eyelashes. 
All Natural - Gentle with a light citrus squash scent. The best cream eyelash extension remover on the market.

Make sure your clients eyes are closed tightly throughout the removal and apply a gel pad to tape their lower lashes before starting.

1. Use micro brushes or lip applicators and take a pea size amount out. 

2. Run the remover through the lashes where only the adhesive is and allow them to sit for 3-5 minutes. A little goes a long way! 

3. Then gently using the micro brushes to remove them after 3-5 minutes. If the lashes aren’t coming off, repeat step 2. 

4. Next, have your client rinse the residue off under running water.

5. Lastly, use a lash cleanser to remove any excess product off.