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Acazia Lashes

Premade Luxury Spike Collection

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Want to know the secret to creating wispy volume sets and wet lash sets? Try our Premade Spike Collection! Add drama to your lash sets without the weight!
  • 20 spikes in 18 lines! 360 spikes per tray! Enough to create over 20+ Lash Sets.
  • Consists of 3x 0.07 lashes together in a closed fan (weight is similar to 1 x 0.20 classic lash)
  • 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Made from Japanese Faux Mink 
  • Foil-backed strips for easy peel and place

We wanted to maintain the health of the natural lashes without weighing it down which is why we created different amount of hairs for shorter lengths. 
Lengths 9-14mm consists of 3x 0.07 lashes together. 
Lengths 14-19mm consists of 3x 0.07 lashes together.